All Greater Popular Cheese Diet

Recently, scientists are making more and more new discoveries in the field of proper nutrition, while refuting the recommendations of nutritionists, which were given several years ago.

One of them is that chicken eggs do not contain a large amount of harmful cholesterol, as reported earlier and there were recommendations that people over 45 years of age should eat no more than two eggs within seven days.

After carrying out of new researches, it was found out, that they can be used daily within the limits of reasonable norm. Irish scientists dispelled the myth that cheese contains a lot of cholesterol and proved that the cheese diet is effective, and, because of the presence of saturated fats, does not affect the deterioration of blood.

In turn, low-fat dairy products do more harm to the body than normal. And after all, just a few years ago, you could constantly hear recommendations that you can lose weight only by using low-fat cottage cheese, milk and yogurt, but, as it turned out, there are practically no harmful impurities of useful substances.

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