Air Fresheners Harmful to Health

Recently, people have become increasingly popular take on air fresheners, which are used not only in the toilets and bathrooms, but also in other premises.

In addition, car drivers are trying to create a refreshing scent in the car, not knowing that these preparations contain in its structure a large amount of harmful substances that cause a person not only to asthma and damage the respiratory tract, but also a violation of the liver.

Especially dangerous is their application in closed not ventilated areas, such as in a closet. Scientists conducted a series of experiments, found that people who constantly use industrial air fresheners, twice as many suffer from cancer.

To the air clean and fresh produce more recommended wet cleaning, as well as provide access clean air. Freshener you can prepare yourself for what, in normal type sprayer water and add natural essential oil. Mix well and you get a great freshener with a pleasant smell, but the most important thing is that safe for health.

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