After Overeating Stomach Stretched

In recent years, many nutritionists strongly advised to eat food at least five times a day, at the same time, portions should be large, and this is no accident, because the reasons for this are many.

One of them is that with frequent overeating when people at a time uses a large amount of food, the stomach stretches and may increase in the amount of twice or even more.

This in turn causes a very serious disease, for the treatment of which will require a lot of manpower and resources. Typically, food processing stomach takes approximately three hours, and it relates to a solid food and the liquid leaves for five minutes, however, pure water can drink without limitation, because it is not able to stretch.

Especially harmful overeating at night, because at this time of day the body needs to rest and not engage in the processing of food. The best thing would be if, for the two hours prior to the moment you go to bed, drink a cup of yogurt, which will get rid of hunger and will not harm the figure.

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