After 40 Years of Hard for People to Lose Weight

Many people over the age of 40 years often complain that they can not lose weight, even if you are actively involved in sports and try to limit their consumption of calories.

In fact, this problem has quite a formal scientific explanation.

According to the famous German scientist Dr. Michael Boschman, weight loss in the elderly is much more complicated and slower.

This is primarily due to the fact that the human body around the age of 40 begins to gradually change.

It is characterized by changes in the ratio of muscle mass and fat in the body. At the same time, mainly due to stop energetic metabolism, the body begins to actively recruit fat in order to use it for conversion into energy. Obviously, in this case, trying to burn fat much harder than his dial.

For this reason, Dr. Michael Boschman recommends that all those who wish to lose weight after the age of 40 years, to be prepared for the difficulties and complexities in the process of achieving a positive result. Theoretically, you can lose weight even in 60 years, but it needs to be more actively engaged in sports and to minimize their food ration.

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