Active People Less Diseased

For ten years, scientists conducted an experiment, which involved women of different ages.

His goal was to find out how the way of life affects health.

The results were such that those people who led an active lifestyle did not have problems with excess weight, fell into the state of depression very rarely.

And, on the contrary, those people who did not work anywhere, and most of the time spent sitting or lying on the couch, often encountered a violation of the psychological state. In addition, they had a number of problems with their health, for example, private headaches, hypertension, as well as diabetes mellitus.

The fact is that active people constantly have a sense of their own dignity, because, working in a team, they are responsible for their behavior. In addition, working people adhere to the regime of the day, which is an important factor affecting life expectancy, because it has long been proven that the more a person moves, the longer he lives.

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