According to Doctors About Ice Cream

12111611In the summer, especially on hot days, we often feel thirsty, quench that try any drink, but one of the desired product at this time of year is ice cream, which is loved not only children but also adults.

Regarding the use of this product there is an different opinions, some say that it does not contain any nutrients, but rather harmful because of its high sugar content, so the effect on weight gain.

In fact, in order to recover would have to eat at least 10 packs per day, most likely it is unlikely. In the ice cream contains protein, calcium, and other substances, a positive influence on our health, so we can safely replace their dairy products. Apart from the fact that this product will raise the mood, it is able to remove fatigue, strengthen muscles, and due to the presence of calcium in it, to strengthen the skeletal system, including teeth.

Naturally people affected by diabetes ice cream will not benefit, although in recent years there are special varieties without sugar, but it is worth remembering that the shelf life of this product is not more than two months, however, not every manufacturer is advantageous to produce them.

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