Abuse Beer is Dangerous to Health

In recent years in many European countries promoted this drink as beer.

This is especially noticeable during football matches where the TV screens you can see fans of different teams, constantly consuming beer.

In our life, there are both beneficial and harmful products. With regard to alcoholic beverages, that, despite some differences professionals, they are united in one, they can not be abused, regardless of the degree.

In the Czech Republic, which produces the largest quantity of beer, and of course is a leader in the use of his people, scientists from Brno said that this drink can destroy internal organs. In addition, beer provokes renal cancer.

The greatest harm the body gets in that moment, when the beer snack fatty dishes, such as smoked sausage. Besides, it also contributes to rapid weight gain, which is then difficult to eliminate, as is known, gives rise to obesity diabetes.

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