About the Benefits of Olive Oil

Food can be divided into two categories, harmful and useful.

The second can be safely attributed to olive oil, because in its composition contains a large amount of linoleic acid, as well as vitamins D, A and fatty acids.

It is proved that those people who constantly consume this oil differ not only in good health, but also in longevity.

For example, among European countries, the inhabitants of Spain occupy the first place in terms of life expectancy, and, as you know, this state is one of the major suppliers of this product. Much attention should be paid to olive oil in the spring, because at this time of the year our body is least protected from various diseases.

In connection with the fact that it favorably affects the work of the intestine and stomach, the metabolism is accelerated, which is not an unimportant factor. Despite the fact that prices for olive oil are constantly growing, those people who have problems with hair or skin standing, this product will help to get rid of dry skin, and hair will give shine, and, not worse than expensive cosmetics.

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