A Sedentary Lifestyle Can Kill

2910167In an age of progress and rapid development of the economy is growing in popularity gaining a profession related to office work.

Physical inactivity, so called on the scientific sedentary lifestyle, directly and indirectly affects the health and human lifespan. This problem often relates to the office staff, as a result, even at a young age, they are at risk of getting a whole bunch of the most dangerous diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart attack, stroke, thrombosis (this is not a complete list).

A sedentary lifestyle with a lack of exercise and activity very quickly turns into obesity, being its prime cause.

European scientists for 12 years conducted research in the field of body weight changes in the presence or absence of physical activity. Data were taken both in the workplace and in their free time.

As it turned out, people, physical activity, which has a low or almost zero, more likely to suffer from chronic diseases, even death were recorded. Improving the health of the patients took place immediately after the increase of physical activity.

On the basis of the experiment, scientists concluded that obesity is 2 times less dangerous than the phenomenon of lack of exercise. Movement is life.

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