2-3 Bananas a Day to Get Rid of Many Diseases

28111617Of all the exotic fruits, which are now a wide variety of special attention should be given to bananas, which are very fond of children.

This fruit has good taste, and its soft flesh melts in your mouth.

They are very easy to use, so many parents give their children to school so that they can have a snack during the break, and rightly so.

As proved by scientists, using 2-3 bananas every day, your heart will be more stable, as well as decrease the risk of asthma, which has recently been distributed to young people because of the dirty air.

This fruit is useful for people of all ages, especially those who have high blood pressure, because it is rich in potassium, as well as to those who are watching their weight. The fact is that bananas contain a lot of fiber, which helps the digestive system and hinder the improvement of the level of sugar.

With age, people have a deficiency of calcium in the body, due to which the bones become fragile and, at the slightest stress fractures occur, and since bananas contain potassium bicarbonate, so eating one banana a day, you will strengthen your skeletal system.

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