Work Needs In Youth, But Do not Lose Her

Youth is given to a person in order to be able to work in full force and in this short period of life to be able to earn a pension.

Very often people who do not want to work in youth are forced to work at a more adult age, and this sometimes becomes impossible due to the fact that various illnesses that have been earned during the course of life begin to manifest themselves.

But very often young people are so addicted to their work that they practically forget that they need to have time to enjoy this period in life, which is called youth. Only in youth you can work until night, and then go to a party and again in the morning go to work without any signs of fatigue. But you should never give preference to work so much that it will simply steal from you a youth that will never return.

Work and rest should always be in moderation, especially if you work for yourself. It is very difficult to say stop in those situations when they offer money and are pretty good. It seems that you can still take a walk, and you need to work while there is something to do. Find a fine line in this situation is very difficult.

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