Women’s Secrets And How to Find a Key

Quite often men blame us for the fact that we do not know how to keep secrets that were entrusted to us.

But this is completely wrong, considering how much everything is kept secret in the woman’s head.

The fact is that even if a woman shared some kind of secret with her friend, this can not be called a betrayal of someone whose secret it was. Simply, when more people know something, it can in some situations very much help the woman herself.

For example, one of the girlfriends told in the strictest secrecy that her relative was ill with something serious. Of course, very sorry for the little baby, but if women did not share such secrets with other women, then this child may have been sick. But after some conversations, there must be a friend who knows how to help this kid.

Honestly, such situations occur every day, but very secretly from men who never once guessed anything. Therefore, women know how to keep secrets, which, indeed, can mean something serious.

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