Women Just Need to Live

When a woman waits for a child, then during the entire period of this expectation, she wants to make her home cozier and cleaner, so that the toddler who should come into the world came to his house and immediately felt how he was expected.

And although the first few months for crumbs it does not matter how many rooms you have in the apartment or how clean in them, every mom still tries to take care of her offspring as much as possible in advance.

These sensations in nature are called “nesting syndrome”. Women, like birds, try to make a real nest for their future chicks.

And when all the things were bought for the first time, the furniture is already waiting, the mothers start to clean up the rest of the apartment trying to wash and clean every corner.

After all, it is very harmful for a baby to breathe dust, which means that it is necessary to make everything in the apartment shine. And after such a caring mother is brought from the hospital together with the baby, she will take even more care of his health and try to keep him clean as much as possible.

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