Women Harder Men A Few Times

Even from a long time ago, it turned out that women are much more likely to suffer losses and disappointments in life than men.

And this applies not only to the psychological side, for example, on foot, women are able to walk several kilometers further than the strongest man.

Such physical endurance is provoked by the fact that genetically the woman should be the keeper of the hearth, and all domestic cares, and the upbringing of children, always remained on the shoulders of these fragile creatures. Therefore, for many millions of years, women have become stronger and more enduring, and the essence of men has practically not changed. It is enough for them to be a breadwinner, and after the food is brought into the house, the main occupation is rest, to restore strength to a new campaign for prey.

Therefore, so that men do not speak about their superiority, they will never be able to defeat women in endurance, however much they want it. So it turns out that a woman always works more and gets tired than her chosen one. So men, love your wives and try to help them in everything.

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