Women Can Be Ridicient

Male behavior, at times causes so much disappointment that a woman has involuntary tears in her eyes.

It is impossible to explain logically how one can put a pregnant wife on a balcony without clothes in frosty weather.

Or even more difficult to understand the situation in which a man simply drives his wife and child out of the house, without clothes and means for food. Of course, such situations do not happen so often, but still have a place to be. But the reproaches about the ugly figure after childbirth happen to every second woman. And this causes very deep wounds in the heart of a defenseless and vulnerable female soul.

But, perhaps, the most dangerous of the male problems remains – a life for two families. Even it’s hard to imagine how hard it is for a woman, who sooner or later learns that her husband is not faithful to her. In such moments, it seems that men are not intelligent creatures, but simply aliens who flew to us on Earth in search of means for survival. Therefore, if you see an afflicted woman, you do not need to immediately say that she herself came up with a problem for herself, which of course, is also possible, but quite often the reason for female offenses may be the man.

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