Wine Helps Lose Weight

Quite recently, scientists have found quite an entertaining detail in the composition of any red wine.

It turned out to be a trace element, which turns the fat of a person into such a consistency, when it is easiest to burn it.

Therefore, if you allow yourself to drink a few glasses of wine before bed, no more than twice a week, you can save your figure from extra pounds.

This opinion, of course, is not held by all scientists. And there are those who oppose alcohol at night because of the high sugar content in it, which will accelerate the rhythm of the heart, while alcohol will begin to contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels. This combination can lead to very bad consequences, for example, a heart attack.

Therefore, if you try not to admit in your health a single flaw, then use this advice, it is very cautious and it is best to consult with your doctor. Only a specialist who constantly observes you and knows your health condition thoroughly, will be able to determine whether you can drink wine or better to refrain from drinking alcohol at all.

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