Why Yogurt Should Be Included in the Daily Diet

According to statistics, in our time an increasing number of people began to pay attention to proper nutrition, giving preference to products that have a beneficial effect on health.

Scientists managed to prove that those people who use such products differ not only with good health, but also with a longer life expectancy.

Currently, a wide range of products, including dairy products, is provided, but it is worth remembering that not all of them have useful properties. The fact is that some manufacturers use non-natural milk, and palm oil and other ingredients, adding chemicals that improve taste, impart the desired color, and extend the shelf life.

Therefore, when buying it, first of all, pay attention to the composition and shelf life, taking into account the fact that the longer it takes, the less useful substances in the product.

Give Preference to Dairy Products with High Fat

An important factor is the fat content, maybe, therefore, experts recommend buying products with an index of not less than 3%. At the same time, one of the dairy products recommended for daily use is yogurt and there are several reasons for this. One of them is that it is quickly absorbed by the body, so it does not fit well, only during a snack, but also for dinner.

In addition, it contains useful bacteria that improve the microflora of the intestines, which directly affects the work of the entire digestive system, as well as strengthening immunity. It turned out that this drink helps to quench thirst, and also prevents dehydration of the body, because it delays the removal of fluid from the body.

Another important factor is that more than 10 grams of protein are contained in a glass of yogurt, especially for people who are engaged in heavy physical labor or go in for sports. As for vitamin, there are a lot of them in yogurt, especially group B, and this is not to mention the presence of phosphorus, calcium and other substances that strengthen the bones and improve the work of all organs, including the brain.