Why We Eat Wrong

There are so many products that need to be properly prepared in order to get the most benefit.

But for this, it is important to remember that only a deep knowledge of cooking, can make enough useful and necessary for your body.

After all, in most cases, people cook dishes completely wrong, guided by the received knowledge from their ancestors, who also did not eat as they need, for excellent health.

Therefore, those recipes that the grandmother or mother taught us, should be discarded, or simply postponed until the cookbook becomes your desk.

After all, there is absolutely no need to poison yourself with poorly prepared foods that can not only harm your figure, but also be very dangerous to your health. So, your family life, or better a few years before this holiday, devote to the study of products and their preparation. Any dish that you want to offer your choice should be tasty and useful, and this is the most important thing in the relationship between a man and a woman, so that he likes how she cooks.

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