Why Under the Eyes Appear Swelling

Due to the large amount of fluid in the body, swelling can appear in different parts of the body, for example in the legs, hands, and swelling under the eyes, which spoils the appearance.

The cause of swelling around the eyes may also be lack of sleep, an uncomfortable position of the body during sleep, or in the evening a lot of water was drunk. Edema can be caused by malnutrition, if in the diet often there are sharp, salted and fried dishes, lots of salt and sugar.

In the representatives of the fair sex edema can appear due to cosmetics, the components of which sometimes cause allergies.

If the puffiness does not appear due to any disease, and such cases are also observed, then you can get rid of it in a few minutes. Let it not seem strange, but for this it is necessary to drink as much water as possible, which helps wash away the salts from the body, and, together with harmful accumulations.

Effective Methods of Getting Rid of Puffiness

A great effect is the rubbing of the face with ice cubes, for the freezing of which you can use water, herbal tea or milk. The same components are good for a cold compress, which, after putting on your eyes, should be kept no more than fifteen minutes.

In order to avoid the occurrence of swelling in the morning, you need to apply a mask, prepared from cucumber juice and aloe gel, on your face in the evening. By the way, this plant does not, only, removes puffiness, but also, moisturizing the skin, relieves wrinkles.

You can also use ready-made cosmetics, while paying special attention to a special cream that is designed to be applied around the eyes, where the skin is very sensitive, so it’s worth taking care of it.

The cause of puffiness can become bad habits, and, this applies not only to smoking and alcohol abuse, but also too salty foods. Give enough time for sleep, while sleeping better on your back, because lying on your stomach, increases the flow of fluid to the eyes. If these recommendations do not help you get rid of puffiness, then you should see a doctor, because the cause may be some diseases, for example, thyroid, kidney, heart and other organs.

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