Why There Is Swelling of the Noges

Experts note that every year an increasing number of people complain of problems with the appearance of swelling of the legs, and this is not surprising, because such a state does not appear, only because of the long standing on the legs, which is typical for people in such professions as a hairdresser, seller, waiter and others, but also because of sedentary work.

As is known with the advent of the Internet, there are more and more office employees who have to sit in front of the computer monitor all day. In addition, the frequent appearance of puffiness may indicate a disease of the internal organs.

If there are problems with the work of the heart, then usually both limbs swell, most often in the afternoon, and with kidney disease, on the contrary, in the morning period of time.

It is worth remembering that if the cause of puffiness are various diseases, then you can get rid of it only after the course of treatment. In cases where the cause is not properly selected shoes or working conditions, then you can solve this problem yourself, observing some recommendations.

One of the Reasons Is Wrong Food

It should be remembered that improper nutrition can lead to disruption of the metabolic process, as a result of which there is also swelling of not only the legs, but also the face. Not a bad option is the adoption of warm foot baths with the addition of medicinal herbs, just before bed.

Do not give up taking a contrast shower, which improves blood circulation and relieves puffiness. A certain category of people say that it helped them to get rid of puffiness by observing dietary nutrition and performing a light massage of the calf muscles.

In order to maintain the water-salt balance, it is necessary not to allow dehydration of the body, for which daily use at least two liters of clean water, it should be remembered that too much of the liquid drunk, also may adversely affect the health and provoke swelling. With sedentary work, try to warm up for each hour, and also avoid heavy physical exertion.

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