Why There Is Fatigue, Even During A Rest

Very often a man who worked all day at work, when he goes on a well-deserved vacation, does not experience a surge of energy and energy, even after a few days spent at home or somewhere in the resort.

And the reason for this is chronic fatigue, which accumulates in the body for a long time and has many consequences.

It is impossible to work and not sleep enough for six months, and then in three days to restore your body. After all, all the fatigue will be heavy for you throughout the vacation, but after you return to work, the body will feel better. And this is not because the habitual mode of life will return, but because you can still achieve a certain balance and restoration of your vital forces.

Try during working days, allocate as much time as possible for rest, so that then on vacation do not spend it on sleep. It is better to go traveling or to put things in order in the apartment and in your life. Yes, there can be little lessons that can be missed because of the banal lack of energy.

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