Why Hiccups Occurs

Each person had hiccups, and, sometimes not at the right time, which caused awkwardness.

However, according to experts, this seemingly harmless reflex is sometimes a symptom of a serious illness. The cause of hiccups is a strong contraction of the diaphragm, which can occur due to some habits.

One of them is an incorrect position of the body during meals, for example, reclining, and also sit, throwing a foot on the leg or bending them under themselves and others, which makes it difficult to get food into the stomach.

The cause may also be poorly chewed food, which is usually observed with a fast food intake, or overeating, which leads to stretching of the stomach, which begins to press on the chart.

In this case, usually a hiccup passes right after a small amount of food is digested in the stomach.

Carbonated drinks are popular, both in children and adults, so they are drunk in large quantities, especially in summer, when it’s hot weather and constantly thirsty. However, nutritionists warn that such drinks, especially sweet ones, will not quench thirst, moreover, they can provoke the appearance of certain diseases, as well as cause hiccups. Such a reflex can also appear in those cases when a person is suddenly frightened or stressed.

What Diseases Reflex Specifies

Well, now, let’s look at the hiccup as a symptom of various diseases. For example, if it occurs too often and it can not get rid of it for an hour or more, then this may indicate the development of pneumonia.

An equally serious disease is encephalitis, a brain tumor, and pleurisy, which often cause hiccups.

In order for it to stop, there are several ways, among which the most common is to soak up cold water or a little breath holding. A lemon will work well, eating a fraction of which the reflex quickly stops, and also simple exercises. However, if this condition began to occur more often, moreover, the hiccough lasts a long time, then to find out the reason, you should consult a specialist.

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