Why Do not Stop Refusing Hot Dishes

Every year more and more people try to follow different diets, and this is not surprising, because one of the main problems that worries scientists from all over the world is obesity.

According to statistics http://www.goodshelp.com/ the problem of the appearance of overweight is not confronted, only adults, but also children, especially it became relevant after the Internet appeared, which receives more attention.

In addition, fast food, which does not contain much, only salt, sugar and combination fats, but also calories, which get into the body, contribute to a set of extra kilograms, is very popular.

Experts say that today a relatively large number of residents of European countries prefer food in cafes, restaurants and canteens, because this saves a considerable amount of time that is necessary for cooking and washing dishes.

However, this habit of eating does not allow you to control the number of calories in cooking, and often leads to overeating. A certain category of people, adhering to a strict diet, refuse to eat products of animal origin, which is not recommended, and the popularity of food products that are not subjected to heat treatment.

Such Food Is Not Totally Digested

German scientists, after conducting a series of studies, determined that such a habit can adversely affect the general state of health, especially with regard to the work of the stomach and intestines.

The fact is that warm food is on the average digested for three hours, as a result of which the products are split into proteins, amino acids and other substances necessary for normalizing the work of the organism and adding extra energy.

As for products in raw form, they are not fully digested in the stomach, which leads to dysbiosis, accompanied by pain and bloating. Especially it concerns breakfasts, because this food intake provides energy throughout the first half of the day; therefore, instead of sandwiches and salads, it is better to cook cereal cereal, which favorably affects the work of the stomach, removing inflammation, and will not allow the appearance of many diseases, including ulcers and gastritis.