Why do not I lose weight?

This question is often asked by women who use different ways of losing weight.

Unfortunately, in about 60% of cases weight loss remains ineffective or the results achieved very quickly disappear. What is the reason for this? Why can someone eat any foods and gain weight, but someone has to control every calorie? In fact, everything is quite simple and trite – in different people the level of metabolism is cardinally different and therefore weight control takes place according to an absolutely different scheme.

Why is metabolism so important in losing weight?

You must understand that any food that you absorb is split into separate nutrients and distributed through the blood to all internal organs. There is an exchange of useful substances, thanks to which our body maintains its efficiency and physical activity.

When you overeat or have low physical activity during the day, our body perceives this as a period of filling the energy reserve – fat.

It is the fat that can be used in critical situations to fill the energy deficit and therefore the body tries to accumulate it as much as possible, slowing its own metabolism. As a result, even after consuming boiled chicken or green salad, the maximum amount of nutrients is converted to fatty tissue and this causes obesity. To disperse the metabolism, you need to use some useful and effective methods.

Acceleration of metabolism at home

In order to speed up the metabolism, you need to follow the following recommendations:

– Dissolve the daily intake of calories for 5-6 meals.
– Reduce the number of portions of food, but eat it as often as possible.
– Drink more pure water (not to be confused with coffee, juices, milk and or other drinks).
– Use foods that promote the acceleration of metabolism – citric acid, grapefruit, celery and so on.
– Increase the amount of foods that contain vegetable fiber.

These simple recommendations will help you to always be in perfect shape and lose weight even without special restrictions in nutrition or without heavy physical exertion.

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