Who is Contraindicated Oatmeal

Among a large selection of dishes, it is worth highlighting the porridges that are not only have good taste qualities, but are also useful, in addition, thanks to the cereals from which they are prepared, they can be diversified.

According to dieticians, it is best to eat porridge during breakfast, because in all cereals in large quantities contain fiber, vegetable protein, vitamins and slow carbohydrates.

Thanks to such a large set of useful properties, it is possible to maintain a sense of satiety for a long time, which does not allow you to pass at dinner, and also does not increase the workload of the stomach and intestines.

However, despite all its positive qualities, like any product, there are contraindications, because according to doctors, some people with chronic diseases and excess weight, it is undesirable to include porridge in their diet.

Why Oatmeal Must Be Eaten Once A Week

Everyone is well aware of the benefits of oatmeal, which is the traditional breakfast of the British, but experts say that the phytic acid contained in it speeds up the process of calcium leaching from the body, so its constant use can lead to disorders of the bone system. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to include it in the menu once a week, while it is worth noting people who have gluten intolerance. One of the porridges, which is very popular among athletes, is buckwheat, in which a large number of useful microelements.

Porridge from such cereals is recommended for use to people with a weakened organism, for example, after surgery, and also to women who are preparing to become a mother.

In addition, this porridge improves the condition of the hair and nails. However, a diet which, for several days, is only a buckwheat, can cause headache and fatigue, and it is also necessary to comply with the norms of its use for people who have ulcers and kidney diseases. For people who have suffered a stroke or heart attack, as well as with dislocations, fractures should often eat millet porridge, if they do not suffer from gastritis, gout and kidney failure.

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