Which Work is More Useful

Scientists have found that a job that makes a lot of sitting or standing, very often leads to the fact that a person earns on her professional diseases.

After all, in both cases, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases several times.

It’s not at all a difference whether you sit or stand, although in some cases sedentary work is more useful than the one on which one has to stand for a long time. In any case, a person should understand that he needs to perform periodic physical exercises to disperse blood throughout the body, and drink a lot of water, not giving the opportunity to begin dehydration.

In any case, work that harms health must be adequately paid for, otherwise it is simply not worth agreeing on it. And having worked for more than a year, you need to change the direction of your activity, so as not to lose your health forever. Watch how you feel and never ignore even the slightest symptoms of what can lead to very serious consequences.

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