When the Quarrel Already Does not Know Nothing

In life, each pair comes to a point where quarrels do not mean anything. And then you begin to understand that yesterday a beloved man, suddenly became a stranger and unnecessary.

The soul no longer has that trembling from his touch, and every rude word that he says hotly does not sound like a sentence any more.

And it is at such moments that couples break up and are submitted for divorce. But if they have children, it is quite possible that they will once again give each other a chance to reunite souls, although until the end everyone will not believe in the success of this matter.

Of course, when a child does not have one of the parents, it is always very bad, but it is much worse if he sees with his own eyes how the father offends his mother, who can not do anything in return. Therefore, divorce is simply necessary in those families who can not agree to live peacefully. And in order not to hurt the child’s psyche, it’s better to let him always see happy parents, although they will not live together.

But if a woman has enough patience not to show the child that they have a problem with dad, she will eventually have a happy childhood of her baby and a completely destroyed her own life.

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