When the Head Hurts, Pictures Get Better

More recently, scientists have discovered an interesting pattern that allows you to look at some of the pictures that have become world famous, as the consequences of headaches.

After some research, it turned out that in patients who very often complain about migraines, the world is transformed and becomes like blurry pictures.

Some people noticed a distortion of images. And at this moment those who have a talent for drawing, noted that their creations are similar to the works of the famous master Pablo Picasso.

Although the diary of the artist never had a note about the headache, the scientists still do not reject the idea that she, too, tortured a great man. It is possible that it was during the attacks that he wrote his famous works entitled “Woman in a Hat”, as well as “The Sobbing Woman”. Many of his works are divided into vertical lines, which clearly characterizes such behavior in the onset of migraine attacks.

Of course, in order to give a definitive answer to this fascinating question, it will be necessary to study a lot more about the life of the great artist.

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