When Parting Does not Give Quiet Living

Very often in our life, you can meet a lonely person, which in itself is very good, but due to the circumstances, it can not be near someone who is very dear to his heart.

And sometimes, this loneliness drags on and does not allow the development of new and possibly very wonderful relationships.

If in your life it happened that you are not able to live with your loved one, because he, unfortunately, does not want this, then you need to find the strength and release him. Do not just let him go, but let go of your heart. Do not follow him on social networks or not ask about his life from friends. Close forever from him. And as you know everything goes through twenty-one days. If you can live twenty-one days without thinking and not knowing anything about this person, then on the twenty-second day you will become much easier.

Try to find a hobby that will take you by the head. So much so that you stop thinking about anything else at all. And when, after a while, the object you adore again falls on your eyes, it will no longer have the same gravitational force as before. Just force yourself to be happy, even if to spite everyone around.

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