When Daddy Smokes, Suffer Children

In families in which one or two parents smoke children are exposed to secondhand smoke.

Even if no one smokes in the room, after the parents return from the street only having smoked, very dangerous and poisonous particles can remain on their hair, clothes and face.

And as soon as the smoker takes the children in their arms, they fly like a magnet to an unprotected child’s body.

After several years of such passive smoking, the child may develop asthma, chronic nose diseases and other diseases associated with the respiratory system. Few of the parents are fully aware of the harm they do to the health of their own child when they smoke. But to convince a person who already has this bad habit in that his actions are very dangerous, and in some cases, simply disastrous, extremely difficult. After all, how much smoking harms the health of children imperceptibly with the naked eye.

Now, if the particles that remained on hair or clothing took a bright color and were noticeable, then perhaps this would change the situation.

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