What You Need to Do in the Summer for Health

According to a poll conducted by employees of one of the American universities, it became known that most of the respondents most like the summer period of time.

And this is not surprising, because at this time of the year, most people take leave to go on holiday with the whole family or friends.

In addition, it is possible to lead a more active lifestyle, which has a positive effect on the psychological and physical condition, because in summer people spend more time outdoors, riding a bicycle, swimming in open water, and making hikes.

In addition, the food ration becomes more diverse, because more often there are fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and greens, in which at this time the greatest amount of useful substances, which naturally contributes to the strengthening of immunity.

However, it is worth sticking to some tips so as not to harm your health. One of them is that most dieticians recommend eating fruit in the morning to avoid the appearance of excess weight.

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight

Everyone knows that a mild tan is beautiful and useful, but it is worth avoiding a long stay under the sun, because it can lead not only to the appearance of burns, but also to provoke the development of cancer.

Also, one should not allow dehydration of the body, because this leads to a disruption in the metabolism, while instead of sweet carbonated drinks prefer pure water or tea.

Staying outdoors in hot weather, to avoid a heat stroke, you should not give up wearing a headdress, and to protect your eyes from the effects of ultraviolet rays, which can cause a burn of the cornea, you should use sunglasses. People who suffer from chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, in the hot time it is better to limit physical activity, not allowing overexertion. Also do not forget about that. What exactly at this time cases of food poisoning accrue, therefore, hygiene and control over the storage of products play an important role.

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