What to Do With the First Symptoms of Colds in a Child

With the onset of autumn, when the temperature of the air decreases, it often rains and changes atmospheric pressure, exacerbating chronic diseases.

In addition, more and more people are ill with flu and cold, especially children, because they are constantly in the team, and their immune system is not yet fully strengthened.

Experts advise parents not to send a child to school or a garden if there is a runny nose and cough, and even if the body temperature is normal, which can rise at any time if the body has an inflammatory process.

At this time, the use of herbal infusions, for example cranberry juice, broth of wild rose and others, which improve the condition of the child, is suitable. If there is a runny nose, then you can use special preparations to wash your nose.

Do not let the body dehydrate

In such cases, do not forget about the abundant drink, including ordinary warm water, thanks to which not only improves the metabolic process, but also removes harmful substances from the body. Some parents force the child to eat, despite the fact that he has no appetite, which should not be done, because this worsens the treatment process and places additional strain on the work of the organs.

As for the diet, it is necessary to give preference to those foods that contain a lot of vitamin, especially C. It is well known that they include citrus cultures, onions, garlic and other fruits and vegetables, combining which you can prepare delicious and healthy dishes.

If olive oil is added to salads, then the benefit from such products will grow twice as much, because the oil itself also contains a large amount of nutrients.

Also, do not forget about dairy products, which should be present in the children’s menu every day, and prefer fatty grades, because of the use of skim milk, cottage cheese or yogurt more harm than good. Do not forget that the room should maintain the optimum temperature and humidity, as well as air it, regardless of weather conditions.