What Symptoms Can not Ignore?

Most people, when they have something to start hurting simply, waved it by hand and the first few days try to self-heal themselves with pills.

But if the pain does not pass, it means a decision is made to contact a specialist for help.

But there are a number of symptoms that are ignored and attempted to treat independently, is simply strictly forbidden.

So, if you have bloody discharge in urine or feces, if for three days there is no headache or the temperature keeps at a level above thirty-eight degrees, then you need to immediately go to a medical facility. Only a qualified doctor will be able to pinpoint the causes of this behavior of your body. You should always be very careful about matters relating to your health.

When for several days, you independently treat chills and lethargy in the joints, but this does not go away, then you can rush to the hospital without hesitation. And in general, it is better not to engage in self-medication, because some medications have too many side effects, but do not help.

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