What Mistakes Often Perform Hypertension

For the thirteenth year in a row, the world has celebrated the Day of fighting hypertension, and this time it falls on May 17.

More and more people are suffering from such a disease, not only middle-aged and elderly people, but also young people. In the case of changes in blood pressure, and, as it increases, and decreases, overall health worsens, headaches appear, fatigue and bring it back to normal only by using various medications.

Experts argue that many serious consequences could be avoided if people who have hypertension did not make some mistakes.

Often there are cases when you feel an improvement in the state after several medications, they stop using them, without bringing the entire course of treatment to the end, which often leads to hypertensive crisis.

Not allowed Self-treatment

Very often there are cases when people choose drugs themselves, or apply those that, according to relatives, friends or acquaintances, helped to reduce the pressure. However, this is not the right decision, because each organism is individual, and it takes into account the age, the risk of various complications, and the sex of a person, so do not experiment and risk your health.

Many people think that it is enough to take the medicine for a full recovery, but this is an erroneous opinion, because an important factor is what kind of lifestyle you are following.

Everyone knows that virtually all drugs have side effects, so you want to reduce the dose of drugs, which can lead to a deterioration in overall well-being. In order to prevent this from happening, go on to lead a healthy lifestyle, which means, revise your diet by deleting sweet, fried, salty foods from it, as well as smoked products. In addition, get rid of bad habits, especially smoking, do not allow sleep and excess weight, for which you are more active, but do not forget that like any changes in lifestyle, should not happen too abruptly.

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