What Makes Us Happy

For each person its own indicator of happiness. But it definitely will be very similar to the one that is chosen common to all people.

Scientists have determined that a person is happy only when he likes himself. And indeed it is.

After all, if you see the person you want to see in the mirror, then everything in you is in order. And when a lean or full body looks at you, a spark begins to disappear in your eyes.

Happy people never measure their weight every five minutes and do not starve themselves for the sake of losing a few extra pounds.

All that a person needs for happiness is to wake up every morning with the thought that the day started very well. And then all the rest of the time, too, will be completely delighted with everything that is happening.

Love yourself, and what you do. And then, you will not even notice how quickly the changes in appearance will take place. Once you allow yourself to become happy, you will never again give up this feeling. Rejoice in the simple, and this will be the highest reward from life.

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