What Is Not Worth Playing Pregnant Women

If you are in a very interesting position, and all your friends and strive to say something “pleasant”, it is worth remembering some of the most common phrases, which absolutely do not pay attention.

After all, the future mother is already full of feelings and worries for her child, and there are also advisers.

If someone from your friends doubts your pregnancy because of a lack of visible signs, motivating your words by the fact that when they were pregnant then on this term the stomach was much larger, do not worry. For every woman, the period of pregnancy is very individual and it is simply inconceivable to compare yourself with someone.

Another very personal question that everyone likes to ask is whether you will breastfeed? It is necessary to clearly realize that you should not explain anything to anyone. The main thing is that in your life with your baby everything was comfortable and good, but what others say will not matter. After all, breastfeeding is an intimate process that should not be discussed with anyone.

And in general, as soon as you have learned about your pregnancy, place an invisible shield in front of you from all curious eyes and tongues.

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