What Health Dangers Represents Wi-Fi

With the advent of new technologies, the vital activity of a person has significantly improved, because, there are more opportunities for simplifying work, rest and other activities.

Especially it concerns mobile communication and the Internet, life without which it is difficult to imagine nowadays, because all age categories of the population, from children to elderly people, have smartphones, tablets or computers.

Especially popular is the wireless Internet, thanks to which many useful tools become available.

It is worth noting that Wi-fi is becoming more affordable for many users, because it is installed not only in residential buildings, offices of companies and other institutions, but even in the metro, thereby creating comfort for passengers. However, despite all its positive qualities, there are also shortcomings, which most people do not even guess.

Electromagnetic Waves, Radiated by the Router, Harm to the Organism

Experts say that all electronic devices, including mobile phones and a router, pose a threat to human health, but despite this many citizens ignore this warning, and in vain. After the conducted researches, scientists managed to find out that the emitted electromagnetic waves not only negatively affect the work of the brain, but also can cause other more serious diseases, including oncological ones.

And this is not to say that with prolonged exposure to radiation there is insomnia, frequent headaches, reduced efficiency, which ultimately worsens the quality of life.

This signal is especially dangerous for children, because their body is not yet fully formed, therefore it is more susceptible to various kinds of influences. Perhaps that is why many European countries, including Great Britain, Sweden and others, began to remove routers from educational institutions and public places most visited by children. In this case, it is worth remembering that at night they are better off from the network, thereby you protect your health.