What Harm from Canned Products

Currently, a wide selection of different foods is available, which can be divided into useful foods and those that should be restricted in use.

The fact is that in some of them, for example, canned food, contain in its composition many different components that negatively affect the state of health. This especially applies to the stomach and intestines, due to mucosal disorders, resulting in an inflammatory process that causes heartburn, gastritis and even ulcer.

American scientists, having conducted a study, determined that canned food also contains metal, for example zinc, and the greatest amount was found in canned tuna.

In the First Queue Stomach suffers

In addition, such a metal, capable of depositing in the stomach, was present in a can of corn and asparagus, as well as in other canned food. The fact that zinc nanoparticles can reduce the working area of ​​the stomach, resulting in a reduction in the number of nutrients that enter the body, and there is a violation of the digestive process.

Dietitians recommend, whenever possible, to try to avoid using canned food, especially for children and people suffering from various chronic diseases.

Experts note that every year an increasing number of residents of European countries began to pay attention to proper nutrition, more often including vegetables, fruits, marine and sour-milk products in the diet.

This makes it possible to avoid not only the appearance of diseases, but also to feel in good physical shape, not allowing the appearance of excess weight. Scientists have long proven that most diseases appear due to excess weight.

In addition, dietary nutrition contributes to longevity, as evidenced by the fact that in most European countries there is an increase in life expectancy. In addition to conservation, it is recommended to include less processed meat products in the form of sausages, as well as most confectionery products, not to mention sweet soda water and packaged juices.

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