What Dangers Presents Mold in the Apartment

Often there are cases when for a long time does not pass cough and runny nose, and this despite the fact that there are no obvious signs of a cold.

It turns out that the cause of such an ailment can be mold, which “lives” in your home. Moreover, if you do not get rid of the fungus in a timely manner, it can lead to the appearance of diseases such as pneumonia, bronchial asthma or manifest as an allergic reaction.

It is worth noting that the harm to health is not caused by the mold itself, but by the toxic compounds contained in the spores, which in the course of the day the mold produces more than a billion.

It is not surprising that mold gets into the body of a person who has to breathe air, infested with her spores, and most often it can be found in the bathroom, where a moist microclimate promotes its reproduction.

From the human immunity, as well as how long he remains in such an infected room, the extent to which the dispute affects health is affected. The most sensitive are children, in whom the body is in the development stage, as well as the elderly and those whose immunity is weakened because of a prolonged illness. In medicine, the disease that is caused by mold fungus is called mycosis, and it can develop both on the skin and the internal organs.

Signs of Poisoning by Toxins of Fungus Fungus

According to experts, there are several types of mold, while in the residential area is more common fungus Stachybotrys, which is the greatest danger. When poisoning with toxins appears cough, runny nose, headaches, and it becomes difficult to breathe and there is pain in the chest.

Breeding mold at a rapid pace, and to get rid of it, the gluing of wallpaper or painting is not enough, because it has stable properties.

To prevent its occurrence, it is necessary to maintain the humidity in the room, which should not exceed 50%, for which it is more often to carry out wet cleaning, which also reduces the number of mold spores. Most of them settle in furniture with a tapestry covering, carpet products, soft toys, as well as in pillows, bedspreads.

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