What Benefits From Early Awakening

For several years, American scientists have conducted research in order to find out how some habits affect performance and academic performance.

Everyone knows that there are two categories of people, one of whom prefers to go to bed late and wake up after eight o’clock in the morning, most often it concerns artists, artists, students, as well as individuals who have a non-standard working day.

Another category of people, on the contrary, prefer to wake up early and such people are called “larks” in the common people.

It turned out that it was those people who used to go to bed, achieve better career successes, more often do business, and students are more successful.

The Importance of Sleep in the First Half of the Night

There are several reasons for this, and one of them is that sleep in the first half of the night has a more favorable effect, both on the physical and psychological state. In addition, people who wake up without an alarm bell, are less harmful to the central nervous system, resulting in much less stress and depression, which also plays an important role in the quality of life and work capacity.

Having a lot of time in the morning, they have time to do exercises, including jogging, take a contrast shower and a full breakfast, which stimulates additional energy, improves mood and gives self-confidence.

In order to accustom yourself to go to bed earlier, you must stop using electronic means, at least two hours before bedtime. A good option will be a walk on the evening walk, which allows you to enrich the blood with oxygen, improve your physical condition, and prevent the emergence of excess weight, which, incidentally, affects an increasing number of people, and this applies not only adults but also children . Instead of a smartphone, it’s better to read a book or solve crossword puzzles. Literally in a few days the body will get used to such a regime, as a result of which the overall health will improve.

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