Watch TV Long It’s Dangerous for Health

When you turn on the TV to watch a fascinating film, do not forget to set the alarm for yourself in an hour or two, this will help you get back to reality and prevent the occurrence of a permanent fatigue syndrome.

Chronic lack of sleep and fatigue, these are the main characteristics of the state when you allow yourself to watch too much TV.

The more that often happens before the day off, when there is confidence that tomorrow you can sleep. But the biological rhythm is difficult to underestimate, especially when it comes to sleep. You will wake up, of course later than usual, but you can not feel fully rested at the same time.

After all, you need to sleep only when the body requires it, and forcibly compelling him to watch the film together with you is considered a huge mistake. Just think for what you are exacerbating your health. After all, this review will not bring anything useful, except how satisfied with curiosity. But then you must be stronger than your own whims, and go to bed on time.

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