Walking Improves the Work of All Internal Organs

After a long work in the office in front of the computer, it is very useful to spend time on the street, moving with your own feet.

The fact is that when a person sits for a long time, the blood circulation worsens in the pelvic region and can provoke the disease with hemorrhoids, intestinal problems, varicose extension of legs, obesity and prostatitis (in the male part of the population).

Therefore, a lot of professional trainers and doctors are recommended to leave after a long time in the sitting state and walk for at least 40 minutes in an intensive step. This will improve the circulation of the pelvic organs, and you will also spend extra calories.

American scientists carried out amusing statistics among the World population. Their research shows that the Chinese are the most visited in the world. On average, every day a Chinese does not make about 700 steps. Second place Ukraine – 6017 steps every day. Next are Japan and Sweden.

However, doctors argue that to fully eliminate the negative effect of the time of sitting, you must do at least 10,000 steps per day.

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