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– The elastic material reliably protects the skin between toes, prevents friction, calluses and scabs
– The fixative is made of hypoallergenic silicone that doesn’t provoke unwanted skin rashes


For an active lifestyle and movement, we need not only a desire, but also opportunities. It is very difficult to go for walks, to run in the morning or even to leave the house, when an inflammatory process is formed on the big toe and this leads to deformation of its position. Such a disease, which is officially called Hallux Valgus, affects many women aged 25 to 80 years. Each of them has its own cause of manifestation of this disease. Many women get deformed thumbs due to incorrect or unsuitable footwear. There is also a category of patients who have experienced a problem due to the genetic peculiarities of their body or due to the traumas suffered.

Definitely, such a problem needs to be solved and done as soon as possible. Classical methods of treatment, such as massages, the use of warming ointments, tablets or surgeries, have a lot of shortcomings and risks. In this case, only an operation can provide you with a performance of up to 55%, but all other methods have low efficiency.

But a few years ago, scientists developed a unique tool that solved the problem of deformation of the thumb on the leg without surgery and without tablets. We present you a product called Valgomed for remedying the valgus deformity. This is a convenient system based on the technology of loyal alignment of the twisted thumb by fixing the joint in the correct position.

Product details

The new product Valgomed fixative is a development of scientists that has changed the general idea of ​​the treatment of Hallus Valgus all over the world. According to the manufacturer, just 1 month after the application of these correctors during walking, you will feel a noticeable improvement in the condition of your legs, elimination of the main symptoms of the disease and toning the tendons and joints on the big toe.

The structure of the product is quite simple. The corrector frame consists of high-quality plastic, which allows you to hold your finger on the leg in the correct position. But in order for the corrector not to cause unpleasant sensations during use, the developers treated the inner layer with silicone. Thanks to this system Valgomed Remove a Bunion does not cause allergies, calluses and red spots during use.

Once you decide buy Valgomed and start using it according to the instructions, you will immediately become much better and easier to walk. Most patients confirm that after 7 days of daily use, the following results are observed:

• The pain in the finger and in the foot disappears while walking or running;
• The inflammatory process decreases;
• Deformation gradually decreases and becomes almost invisible.

If you continue the course of treatment and go through all 4 weeks, then you can get even more stable results. The effectiveness of this corrector is at least 95%. Most patients who used it correctly could completely get rid of flat feet, from joint inflammation and from deformity of the big toe.

How does the treatment process go?

To get an excellent result, you just need to know Valgomed where to buy and order it right now. Read the instructions carefully and follow the recommendations there. I would like to note that this tool acts gently, but effectively. Thanks to its convenient shape, it perfectly adapts to the anatomical features of your feet. In this case, you will feel it on your leg only the first 10 minutes. After that, your fingers will get used to the normal position and the lock will become absolutely invisible when walking or playing sports.

The main task of this product is to fix the big toe in the correct position and prevent it from changing its position during the movement. Because of this, the tendons gradually get used to the normal state and are fixed in this position. After 30 days of daily use of this corrector you can get excellent results. But if you wear it regularly for prevention for several months, then you will forever forget about this unpleasant illness. This is confirmed by about Valgomed reviews buyers who have already had time to use this tool.


• One of the most effective methods of non-surgical treatment of Hallus Valgus. The probability of healing after using this device is at least 95%.
• Security. The original product of Valgomed Malta is of high quality and does not contain harmful components. It does not cause redness of the skin or friction.
• Ease of use. The corrector quickly takes the correct anatomical shape and fits snugly to the foot, so you can wear it without feeling uncomfortable.
• Valgomed price lower than other methods. You can personally see this if you compare how much is Valgomed with the services of massage parlors or the prices of medicines in pharmacies.
• You can wear any shoes after 1 month. Even the most exclusive models with a high heel or with a narrow toe will be available to you.

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