Useful Properties of Sea-Buckthorn Oil

Experts say that every year an increasing number of people began to pay attention to folk medicine, using various berries, both to promote health, and in the treatment of certain diseases.

Especially it became actual after the Internet with which help it is possible to learn about useful properties of that or an irrigated plant, and also ways of preparation of broths, infusions, ointments and other medical preparations has appeared.

The main reason for this popularity is that in most cases they do not have side effects, which can not be said about many drugs.

However, experts recommend that before starting the use of traditional medicine, the best option is to consult a doctor, especially those with chronic diseases. One of the berries, which has found an effective application, is sea-buckthorn, which, by the way, is used in official medicine.

Is Effective When Treating Ulcerative Diseases

The most valuable healing properties are oil from sea-buckthorn, especially for those people who have problems with the work of the stomach and intestines, because it removes inflammatory processes and is effective in the treatment of gastritis, as well as ulcers. In addition, such oil is added to medicines and ointments used for burns.

An important factor is that the sea-buckthorn contains antibacterial substances, due to which it is used in the manufacture of cosmetic products. Sea buckthorn oil, with moderate use, strengthens the body’s defenses in opposing various diseases, including colds and viral diseases.

The fact is that in its composition, in addition to a large amount of vitamin contains folic and ascorbic acid, potassium, iron and other useful substances. It is an effective tool in the treatment of atherosclerosis, because there is a decrease in the level of lipids in the blood, which improves its composition.

As it became known as a result of research conducted by scientists of one of the German universities, sea buckthorn oil strengthens the heart muscle, which is an important factor for people of almost all age categories.