Training Needs to Continue In Any Condition

American scientists who decided to find out what will happen to a man if he stops training, found out that the lack of training for longer than two weeks can threaten the loss not only of muscle mass, but also of strength several times.

Young guys should take note that, training all their life, you can not give yourself a rest, even for a few days.

Otherwise, all diligence can go in vain. And it will not be so scary as the factor that causes all athletes to return to training as soon as possible, a set of excess weight.

Only in the case when a person is genetically not predisposed to gain weight, it will be possible to keep a worthy figure for some time. But in most people, the metabolism is arranged in such a way that when you stop doing it, it can cause weight gain due to accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

Therefore, even if you are slightly unwell, but do not want to lose your results, try not to skip training on any pretext.

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