Training in the Heat Without Damage to Health

Everybody knows that sport improves health and positively affects life expectancy.

Maybe that’s why in many European countries an increasing number of people of different age groups try to be more active, choosing various sports activities that perform both in the gym under the supervision of the trainer and on their own, jogging or practicing outdoors.

However, in the summer, when the heat is on the street, some people refuse training, and in vain, because once a continuous sport helps to achieve a positive result in strengthening health.

If air conditioners are installed in sports complexes to create comfortable conditions for classes, they are not available on open areas. In order not to suffer from the rays of the scorching sun during training, it is better to perform them in the morning.

Best Time For Sports Classes – Morning

At this time of day it is usually cooler than during the day, besides, the morning air is pleasant fresh, which helps improve blood circulation and give cheerfulness. In the evening, there is also a decrease in air temperature, but at the same time its humidity rises, which makes it difficult to do the exercises. An important role is played by properly selected clothes, which, preferably, should be spacious, made of natural materials of light colors, and there must be a hat that can protect from heat stroke.

The best place for training will be the forest park area, where, because of the shadow from the tree crowns, there is a coolness. At any time of the year, it is necessary to observe the water balance, because dehydration of the body leads to serious consequences.

Experts have established a daily rate of drinking water, which is at least two liters, but in the summer, it needs to be increased, because, as a result of intense sweating, the body loses more fluid. Going to practice, do not forget to bring along a bottle of water, which is useful for drinking, as well as for washing, if you become too hot. It should be remembered that during the heat it is necessary to reduce physical activity.

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