Tomato Juice – Benefit and Harm

Specialists say that tomatoes are one of the useful foods that are recommended for daily use.

However, this vegetable is not subject to long-term storage, except for conservation, and those tomatoes that are sold in stores in the winter, do not contain in their composition the necessary amount of useful substances.

You can replace tomatoes with tomato juice, which, by the way, does not contain sugar and preservatives, which are present in other packaged juices.

Due to the fact that this drink contains vitamin B6, as well as magnesium and potassium, it is recommended to use to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve the work of the heart.

An important factor is that it contains fibers that improve the digestive system, as well as substances that purify the blood of harmful cholesterol, which reduces the risk of blood clots. It is worth noting that tomato juice has anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn prevents the emergence of various diseases, and this is not saying that immunity rises.

Tomatoes Slow Down The Aging Process

Experts say that regular consumption of tomatoes or juice from them speeds up the process of metabolism and slows down the aging of cells. Due to the presence of chlorine and sulfur in the juice, this compound removes slag and other harmful accumulations, improving the work of the whole organism.

It is also worth noting that juice is a low-calorie, which is important for people suffering from excess weight.

However, it is worth remembering that tomato juice, like others, should not be drunk on an empty stomach, because it can cause the appearance of heartburn, gastritis and other diseases. The best time for its use is half an hour after eating.

In addition to the fact that a hundred grams of juice contains only 20 kilocalories, this drink can be included in the diet of those people who have diabetes, because the substances contained in it can reduce blood sugar. Scientists have learned that there are a lot of lycopene in tomatoes, but this substance prevents the emergence and development of cancer cells.