To Live Or Not To Live With The Tyrant

A huge number of women in social networks complain that their husband is a real tyrant.

He does not allow himself to express his own opinion, but for any fault, immediately begins to beat.

And this is already becoming the norm, which, by the way, existed several centuries ago. Women were beaten only because someone could say a kind word about it.

Today, the woman got more rights, but at home, almost nothing has changed. Men still allow themselves to mock their wives, only because they are weaker and can not adequately respond.

World communities loudly shout that every woman who was once subjected to physical violence by her man should be credited to the list of victims. And such a man has to respond in accordance with the law of the country in which the incident occurred.

Therefore, to live or not to live with a tyrant, to choose each woman independently, but we should never forget that once struck, the man will allow himself this next time too.

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