To Live Longer, Need Less

So, scientists from the UK described their work. They argue that the calorie content of food can affect life expectancy.

According to the study, people who refused high-calorie food, had the opportunity to live for several years longer than those who loved a lot and tasty food.

The quality of nutrition affects not only the number of days allocated to us, but also the factor that is responsible for human health. After all, people who are healthy even in old age, continue to be interested in life and can even learn something new. But those who are afflicted by disease do not show any interest in their own existence, blaming everyone around. Although very often the source of such a state is exactly the food that a person used throughout life.

Therefore, if you want to meet old age with a smile on your face and without pain in the whole body, you should pay attention to what you eat and what it can affect. Try to eat right, but it’s delicious, because even in simple buckwheat porridge, many people find real pleasure.

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