To Extend Life to Yourself, You Need to Smile

A smile on a person’s face, like all passers-by, especially if it’s beautiful and that means something.

But few people think that a smile can prolong life.

But scientists have long proved that only thanks to one sincere smile a day, a person can extend his life for a few minutes. Imagine that you smile for half an hour or more, then life becomes much longer. And if you take into account the laughter that goes from the heart, then in general you can safely assume that you are a long-liver.

But in contrast to positive emotions, there are always negative, which can cross out the whole merry day. Therefore, do not let yourself be sad or crying, if not from happiness. After all, all that is going through our heart will necessarily affect the duration of his excellent work.

Try to smile every day, and above all to yourself. After waking up in the morning, go to the mirror and smile at yourself, feel how beautiful your reflection looks. And let no one dare say that you are ugly or bad looking. It all depends on the taste of a person, and therefore smile to yourself and your life.

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